About QA-House

We promote trust in our customers by providing unrivaled experience, efficient solutions, and demonstrable process maturity.

We are a 100% QA - Software Testing focused company based in Cluj Napoca, Romania, and we work as a team. This way, there will never be a knowledge gap or a lack of resources. We are a dedicated QA team that is growing into a pure-play testing QA team.

  • Automation Testing
  • Regression testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • API testing
  • CLI Testing

We are hooked on providing expert-level QA, bringing operations and business benefits to the table whilst also managing best practices and utilizing cutting-edge testing techniques.

We ensure that there is always someone who understands the product and the technical requirements, so there are no gaps or time-outs and the delivery is as good as it can be. The senior engineer will be present for each delivery and will be fully responsible for all work performed by any member of our team. We collaborate on a contract basis and hope to find long-term solid work. We work in sprints, using all of the market's modern workflows.

QA-House provides value to its partners by committing to quality and dependability, which is backed by workflow continuity, ever-evolving knowledge, and the best professional behavior. We conform to our task of preserving an unbiased view and generating an unmatched environment for remarkable people by fostering a strong team ideology.


Services for full-cycle testing

  1. Devoted QA team
  2. Organized QA
  3. QA Consulting
  4. Lifecycle Software QA
  5. Test Automation
  6. Documentation
  7. Agile, working in sprints with the newest methodologies

Complete Testing Process

  1. Effectiveness Testing
  2. Operational Testing
  3. Regression Testing
  4. User Experience Testing
  5. Compatibility Testing

Platforms and systems

  1. Web Testing
  2. Mobile Testing
  3. Desktop Testing
  4. Cloud Testing
  5. CRM Testing

Industries we cover

  1. Software development
  2. eCommerce
  3. eHealth
  4. MovingIndustry
  5. eLearning
  6. Media and entertainment

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Why should you work with a pure-play QA provider?

We can start any project in two weeks and guarantee smart team agility.

We have extensive technical and industry knowledge.

We are centered and objective on a variety of software systems and testing methods.

We concentrate on quality and adhere to requirements and scalability. All of this allows the customer to concentrate on operational growth


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