Business analysis and documentation services

We use business analysis to ensure that your software is well-documented for both development teams and end users

Let’s talk about business analysis and why your software requires it

Enable user boarding process and effective use of your solution.

Reduce the complexity of software configuration, customization, and debugging for admin staff.

Centralize scattered product data in a single document.

Display your user-centricity and strengthen your company image.

Business Analysis services provided by QA-House

Our skilled team will compile a body of tech expertise into a centralized and understandable document.

Documentation of requirements

QA- House will create robust documentation comprising requirements on the future software's technology stack, usability, functionality, and business function to function as a development roadmap for your team during the early phases of SDLC.

Documentation for technical purposes

Request that we create an exhaustive technical manual that describes the software logic and functionality and guides technicians, technical staff, and other types of users through optimizer management, testing, and configuration.

Documentation for users

Count on our team to create a guide that will help end users along their journey by giving a thorough description of the application's functional range and abilities, as well as concise operating procedures and useful issue management guidance.

Contact us to find out how we can support you reach your business goals.

The approach we take to software documentation services

We establish the workflow

We developed a solid strategy for developing software documentation that can be seamlessly integrated into whatever phase of the SDLC.

  • Goal clarification
  • Project evaluation
  • Design of requirements
  • Writing documentation
  • Coordination

Concentrate on end-user requirements.

We begin with a thorough understanding of the documentation's intended audience so that we can personalize its format, volume, structure, style, and other crucial characteristics to the users' desires.

What we deliver

As you handover your desktop, web, or mobile software documentation to our team, you will receive technical documentation as:







A new aspect of business analysis

Once your company's software delivery norms have become outdated and unsuitable to adapt to your enterprise's progression, turn to a1qa's business analysts. They will revise and improve your technical specifications and approach by:

  • Examining your existing software delivery lifecycle and business operations
  • Investigating any documentation, as well as software and testing needs
  • Undertaking extensive business specialty and competition research
  • Finetuning and developing business requirements
  • Advice on the selection and adoption of new software
  • Handling the implementation of requirements all through the SDLC
  • Validating compliance with the transformed guidance at all phases of the software delivery

The Advantages of Business Analysis

Project completion on time and within budget
Workflows for development that are very well and effective
Software quality practices are met without fail


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