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With QA-House compatibility testing services, you can create a consistent experience for users among all browsers and platforms

QA-House Compatibility testing

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Our services

Our team offers full-cycle compatibility testing all over platforms, browsers, and tools to ensure that your software is consistent in all environments.

Cross-platform compatibility

Our team assists you in providing a perfect digital user experience by testing all over user environments. Each imbalance caused by software incompatibility is taken into account.

Cross-browser compatibility

Our QA experts provide cross-browser testing services to make sure that your users have a good experience with the graphics and features among all targeted browsers, regardless of the operating system. We ensure constant software performance for the full set of applicable devices and operating systems thanks to our knowledge of software compatibility testing.

Mobile compatibility testing

We validate user experience consistency through cross-device testing against a slew of problems and factors unique to mobile hardware and operating systems.

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Our approach

  • Analysis
  • We begin our application testing by analyzing the specific details of your product, its intended audience and markets, and your business goals.

  • Matrix of compatibility
  • We create a matrix to trace out all potential interaction configurations, prioritize them, and identify appropriate testing methods based on the specified set of user environments and compatibility specifications.

  • Execution of tests
  • According to the matrix identified in the previous stage, we conduct rigorous compatibility testing using a mixture of manual and automated testing processes.

  • Report
  • We offer fully detailed reports that reveal all discovered defects all over targeted environments, as well as suggestions for overcoming these obstacles and trying to make your product all-around compatible.

Why QA-House for compatibility testing?

10+ years of software testing

Testing is carried out with low overhead.

Completely successful test execution

Models of engagement and pricing that are adaptable

Testing resources are provided on demand.

Clear project tracking


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