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QA consulting

Use QA Consulting to enhance your QA workflows so you can maintain control throughout the software delivery process.

When to Use Quality Assurance Consultants

The goal of QA-House is to assist businesses in overcoming all types of testing difficulties and implementing a QA strategy customized to the desired outcomes.

Software of poor quality

We develop a complete, systematic quality assurance process to assist you in eliminating quality problems and slowdowns.

Changes in the company's structure

QA-House investigates existing workflows and makes recommendations on how to better restructure them to integrate into the changing environment.

QA underperformance

To ensure that quality needs are fulfilled, we evaluate and perfect existing QA procedures.

High testing

We reduce your software QA expenses without sacrificing the quality or frequency of releases.

New methodologies are being adopted.

We identify methods for refitting testing infrastructures to support continuous testing.

Contact us to find out how we can support you reach your business goals.

QA-House consulting process

For every consulting case, we adopt a process that can provide full coverage of existing software testing workflows and put considerable changes to every defective aspect.


We start with the following:

  • Relevant stakeholders are interviewed.
  • Examine existing workflows and procedures.
  • Decide failings and the underlying causes

Strategy development

We proceed to:

  • Choose which QA practices will be changed or launched.
  • Determine the best testing tool kit for the job.
  • We create a transformational roadmap.

Transformation and integration

For the final phase, we provide engagement methods:

Complete integration

  • We will participate in your QA team’s full transformation
  • We provide new approaches
  • Keeping track of their performance
  • We discuss any issues that may arise

QA-House post-implementation assistance

  • On request, we investigate the performance of transformed QA workflows.
  • Help to resolve any impediments or errors that may arise.

QA-House shared responsibility

  • We collaborate with your QA team to implement continuous improvements
  • Accepting the agreed-upon scope of tasks
  • We offer the team actionable advice

The Consequences of QA Consulting

Improved software testing strategy to produce high-quality.

Clear, demonstrable, and controllable quality assurance processes.

Setup and optimization of the testing infrastructure.

Efficient workload organizing and collaboration.

Quicker product launches and reduced time to market.

Improved end product quality and greater customer satisfaction.

Costs for software development and quality assurance have been reduced.

Collection of best practices in testing and constant upskilling of internal teams.

Why QA-House?

With over ten years of experience in the software testing industry, we have developed a reputation as knowledgeable and dependable quality assurance consulting partners due to:

Extensive experience

We adopt manual and automated testing workflows. We work in sprints with the newest methodologies.


Knowledge, know-how, and over 10 years of hands-on QA experience set our QA team apart from other software testing companies. We strive for perfection in our testing and delivery procedures.


Working with someone who has the experience and knowledge adds value by getting things done correctly.


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