Desktop testing

We have been fully utilizing our desktop testing skills all over numerous industries.

What we achieve through desktop application testing

  • Incorrect installation
  • System redundancy and third-party background procedures
  • Security threats
  • Problems with OS and hardware compatibility
  • The absence of default values
  • Defects in functionality
  • Unauthorized party entry
  • Error messages that are implicit

How we test desktop applications

The performance

We monitor how desktop applications operate under anticipated and unanticipated loads by testing their speed, stability, and scalability.

The functionality

We offer both automated and manual desktop application testing to ensure that all client-side and server-side elements comply with the regulations.

The compatibility

We test desktop applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux to make sure flawless results on any desired operating system.

The usability

We ensure that your app is user-friendly and provides a smooth experience.

The test automation

We automate desktop app testing to save time, reduce software delivery expenses, and improve application performance without leaving anything out.

The security

We will perform security checks on your app to identify potential security flaws and enforce adherence to signify security guidelines and requirements.

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We walk you via desktop testing step by step

  • We examine your technical requirements and needs.
  • We highlight the roadmap in accordance with the methodology and resources that are needed.
  • We create test cases as well as automation scripts.
  • We established the test environment's software and hardware.
  • We test based on the data collected and repeat if needed.
  • We examine how well the testing adheres to the cycle completion criteria.
  • We distribute both quantitative and qualitative updates.
  • We assess discovered problems and revise the roadmap for future cycles.
  • We justify post-deployment effectiveness and inspect for operational readiness.

Why QA-House for desktop testing?

We are a dependable tech partner because we are a dedicated team with 10+ years of testing experience.

Extensive experience

Over 10 years of hands-on experience with testing apps and websites.

Teamwork efficiency

We use an Agile method with adaptive deliverables and rapid team working.

An approach that is adaptable

To create appropriate stacks for particular needs, we use a range of tools and methodologies.

Better product

We guarantee that with QA-House covering the Quality, your product will get better.


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