QA-House Principles

QA-House Principles are focused and objective on a wide range of software systems and testing methods

QUALITY is one of our guiding principles at QA-House. We want to continue building a company that helps clients make significant progress in their businesses.

We work hard to…

Encounter all of the quality requirements that a product might have

  • Blends the knowledge, practice, and expertise gaps
  • We understand the work procedures and adhere to them.
  • We strive for perfection in our testing and delivery procedures.
  • We specialize in providing quality assurance resources.

Dedicate to our client’s objectives

  • Establish trust-based long-term partnerships.
  • Maintain and continually improve our QA expertise
  • Focus on providing client assistance.
  • Provide services that are up to the job and provide true quality for the price paid.

Grow into a pure-play testing QA team.

  • Focused and objective on a wide range of software systems and testing methods
  • Respond quickly to whether it's automation testing, manual testing, or a mix of the two.
  • Concentrate on quality, and adhere to requirements and scalability.
  • Incorporate into projects from start to finish, which implies a faster turnaround and time to market.

Based on our core principles, we create customer relationships, QA professionals, and communities.


Knowledge, know-how, and over 10 years of hands-on QA experience set our QA team apart from other software testing companies. We strive for perfection in our testing and delivery procedures.

Place people at the center of the business.

We are a 100% QA - Software Testing focused company and we work as a team. This way, there will never be a knowledge gap or a lack of resources. We also encourage open communication, trust, and fair treatment, and we help our employees advance their careers.

A more effective approach to quality assurance

In terms of QA, a full-time person is assigned alongside a senior Engineer to ensure that we meet the requirements and quality standards. We ensure that there is always someone who understands the product and the technical requirements, so there are no gaps or time-outs and the delivery is as good as it can be.

Innovate all the time.

Our culture of expertise encourages and rewards our employees' responsibility and innovation, and we are representatives of constant development and optimization.

QA-House principles are about quality

Our main goal with Software Testing is to provide the best software quality and ROI. We want to expand our business and to do that we mostly rely on:

The people

Building and maintaining innovative and collaborative conditions while keeping QA specialists driven and consistently delivering significant results.

The Clients

We understand how critical it is to ensure that you are providing quality to your customers and that they are satisfied with what they are paying for.


We are dedicated to providing QA resources for your product and team. We have over ten years of hands-on experience with Automation, Selenium, Python, backend testing, front-end testing, performance testing, CI/CD, and many other technologies.

The Ethics

Following governance practices, obeying the law, and upholding strict professional ethics at all times

Our QA-House principles are as follows:

Opportunities for all

  • Fair and respectful treatment of all employees and candidates
  • Promoting equality for all people regardless of their backgrounds, customs, skills, management styles, or viewpoints
  • Recruiting, moving up, and preserving experts of any gender

Communication and collaboration

  • Working to ensure open communication across the enterprise
  • Embracing and defining evolving use cases
  • Meetings and information-sharing- sharing sessions are being held in terms of improving the technological and organizational factors of our work.

The well-being of our employees

  • We are taking care of employees' physical health while unleashing their creativity
  • Creating a safe and healthy working environment
  • Removing any signs of discrimination that may exist


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