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QA Lifecycle Software

A QA Lifecycle Software provides a comprehensive service package designed to provide you with the best in QA.

QA Lifecycle Software testing can help you achieve your business goals.

QA-House's independent quality assessment will allow your team to focus on programming while reducing development time by detecting bugs and defects that no one could have predicted.

Complete test coverage

To ensure optimal test coverage, we conduct all necessary types of testing throughout the lifecycle QA

Total process transparency

We focus on providing complete transparency and accept full responsibility for our software system testing. In addition, we properly integrate with your business and development processes to ensure complete testing orientation.

Set up KPIs

We set up the most essential QA KPIs and keep you updated on their status so you can monitor our improvements with the testing tasks and see if our transitional results are in line with your objectives.

One testing environment for all SDLC phases

Our QA team begins early in the software development procedure to avoid pricey errors from occurring and to ensure that no crucial issues leak into manufacturing and end when the fixation process is finished.


  • We perform documentation testing


  • We perform requirements testing


  • We perform prototype testing and usability testing


  • We perform test automation, integration testing, and unit testing


  • We perform intermediary testing


  • We reproduce issues and identify root causes


  • We perform migration testing and acceptance testing

Regression testing

  • We perform regression testing

Contact us to find out how we can support you reach your business goals.

Do you already have a QA Lifecycle Software team?

Take advantage of our 10+ years of experience in industry and technology expertise:

  • QA Consulting
  • Web, Mobile, Desktop manual testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • API Testing
  • CLI Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance and Scalability Testing

Proceed with our well-defined testing strategy, which includes the comprehensive description and affirmation of:

  • Demonstrated testing procedures
  • Documentation testing
  • Project phases and objectives
  • Types of testing and coverage
  • Consulting, team helping.
  • Working close with developers, BA and PM's.

Every stage of software development is reported.

QA-House is able to supply detailed reporting at every development phase or on-demand.

We deliver comprehensive and concise testing results, maintaining you informed about the quality of product status. We are capable of demonstrating a high level of productivity from the start.

  • Status reports on tests
  • Reports on testing efforts
  • Daily status updates
  • Reports for specific types
  • Accessibility
  • Compatibility
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Reports on delivery
  • Iteration results
  • Reports on build/release
  • Quality reports

Why choose QA-House for a QA lifecycle software?

10+ years of QA knowledge

We have more than ten years of hands-on experience with Automation, Selenium, Python, backend testing, front-end testing, performance testing, CI/CD, and more.

QA assistance is provided throughout the SDLC.

We succeed at a wide range of testing services, from functional testing to Agile QA, and we carefully select the best alternatives for you based on your software type, product specifications, and business requirements.

The first 40 hours are on us, you're not paying.

We at QA-House are committed to providing you with the best QA services possible. And to ensure that, we are offering you a 40-hour free trial.


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