Managed QA

We provide services that handle all of your software QA requirements. Managed QA allows you to focus on your essential business objectives.

We manage QA for your long-term business transformation initiatives.

Managed QA ensures high-quality software performance to meet your business necessities faster and at a lower cost.

There is no need for infrastructure investment.

Your QA setup's total cost of ownership will be lower.

Access to our cutting-edge technology stack and expertise

Quality without compromise at a rapid pace

Managed QA services from QA-House

Transparent measurement of the effectiveness

In order to boost collaboration transparency, our experts tailor KPIs to your specific business requirements.

All quality-performance concerns are resolved.

We will tailor our managed QA services to your planning process and quality-related difficulties.

Exceptional dependability and accessibility

You will be able to track and view the work in progress on a regular basis through scheduled reports.

Assistance with digital transformation

Our team customizes QA to meet high-quality standards with all project types, along with digital enterprise transition.

Setup of tools and testing environment

We choose the accurate testing tools and customize the testing environment for your software to ensure proper test conditions.

Contact us to find out how we can support you reach your business goals.

Create your own Testing Excellence Hub.

As we've experienced in our practice, managed QA can frequently transform how enterprises conduct testing QA-House can assist you with:

Help you set it up and manage it.

Implement best practices to ensure resource efficiency.

Assess your readiness for a TCoE.

Our managed QA essentials

We dedicate to your accomplishment

Any relationship relies on honesty and dependability. We fully commit to ensuring the quality of your software while also making suggestions for improvements where appropriate.

The adaptability of a smart team

We easily ramp up QA teams and offer the option to measure them up or down as needed.

Best practices

Our knowledge and experience are founded on real-world domain and technology expertise, as evidenced by our exceptional track record.

Adherence to professional level

We have formed high standards to assist our professionalism and a culture of expertise for fixing business-critical tasks after delivering added value for ten years.


Through our mix-and-match strategy for QA services, we aspire to discover the perfect solution to the client's specific business difficulties.


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