Mobile app testing

Objective and impartial mobile app testing for maximum user acceptance and fail-safe quality of product

Objective and impartial mobile app testing for maximum user acceptance and fail-safe quality of product

QA-House mobile app testing services for mobile applications

We provide end-to-end mobile testing services to ensure that your software is of the highest quality at all stages.

The functional testing

To ensure that your app acts as intended, our QA team performs mobile testing against all its technical requirements.

The compatibility testing

We evaluate your product's compatibility with its target environments.

The network connectivity

We evaluate the app's performance across a range of network types, connection speeds, and quality levels, such as slow and disrupted connections.

The performance testing

We inspect system resources for flaws and slowdowns that could affect memory utilization, load perseverance, and stability, and we intensively test performance on both the client/server sides.

The usability testing

Through UX auditing and testing, we identify usability problems to assist you in making the app pleasurable and interactive for end users.

The interrupt testing

We assess how your app responds when disrupted by other mobile apps and system occurrences.

The security testing

We perform comprehensive vulnerability assessments and cybersecurity tests to ensure that your app is secure and compliant with OWASP Mobile Top 10 as well as other norms.

How we select devices for mobile app testing

We focus on choosing the most appropriate devices, taking into account the software features, intended audience, and industry-specific information, to optimize the time- and expense of your mobile app testing.

What we use:

Analysis of requirements

  • Investigate particular hardware and software features.
  • Create a list of requirements and select a target audience.

A look at the most popular models in the region and around the world

  • Compile statistics
  • Examine market trends

Devices for testing selection

  • Create a test roadmap
  • Devices are classified according to their priority

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QA for mobile app testing

Within our proprietary center of app testing expertise, we have been constantly integrating our expert knowledge.

Build up and disseminate our knowledge and expertise.

Keep an eye out for and experiment with new testing technologies and methodologies.

Testing on real devices

We use only real devices to test all aspects of your mobile app's procedure. Application testing on real devices allows you to see how your app performs in real-world scenarios:

Control over the app and dependable replication of human reasoning

A dynamical environment that corresponds to your users' actual experience

Coverage of all user interaction scenarios is complete.


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