Performance testing

We incorporate our performance testing services at any phase of the SDLC to make sure your system runs smoothly.

How does performance testing assist you in discovering?

Performance testing helps us to avoid system defects and unexpected spending by providing the information for:

How much will system resources in the cloud price when scaled?

Will the software continue to function in the long run?

Is your system capable of withstanding overload?

What is the load capacity that can be applied?

What are the slowdowns in performance?

Can the system withstand its normal load?

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QA-House is here to assist in performance testing

Our QA team participates in all SDLC stages to assist your software engineers in focusing on writing perfect code and producing a product that performs flawlessly. Across all of the full-cycle performance testing, our company employs a variety of testing methods to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Stress tests

We test software performance under high stresses to determine its maximum capacity

Testing for scalability

We identify software efficiency as processing capacity and architectural changes increase.

Testing for load

We test if the system can handle the defined target load for an extended period.

Configuration testing

We test performance in a wide range of software and hardware setups.

Testing for stability

We conduct testing to evaluate the system's operational capability under a medium-level load.

Software performance testing represents business advantages.

Our efficient QA and testing add value to your business by providing:

Software performance management

  • Improved application behavior
  • Application productivity management
  • Effective performance management

Lower software TCO

  • Restoration time is reduced
  • Hardware purchases that are well-informed
  • Costs of operation and maintenance are reduced.

Select your performance testing situation

We provide several services to get you valuable results that are tailored to your specific requirements:

Complete testing

To guarantee completely stable and error-free software performance, we identify and fix slowdowns.

Diagnostics of performance

One-time testing round to determine whether your requirements meet.

Recommendations for action

Working independently or in collaboration with your team, we identify appropriate solutions to your quality issues.

Systems and platforms

Web Testing

Mobile applications

Distributed systems


Big data


Why QA-House for performance testing?

We are a dependable tech partner because we are a dedicated team with 10+ years of testing experience.

Extensive experience

Over 10 years of hands-on experience with testing apps and websites.

Teamwork efficiency

We use an Agile method with adaptive deliverables and rapid team working.

An approach that is adaptable

To create appropriate stacks for particular needs, we use a range of tools and methodologies.

Better product

We guarantee that with QA-House covering the Quality, your product will get better.


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