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3d rendering application and plugins | remote | Private client


This application is something similar to Blender, used for customizing and designing clothing.


  • Manual testing for the application and its plugins.
  • Running, developing, and maintaining automation tests through CLI.
  • Writing test cases and scenarios.
  • Comparing pictures programmatically with python and uploading results to AWS.

This project is currently active and assigned to a team of 2 persons from qa-house.com.

#python #manual testing #automation testing

Language Learning platform | remote | vTest.com


This is an application built for supporting candiudates to assert their language skills and provide certifications and results through AI.


  • Manual testing for the application.
  • Creating an automation framework with selenium for E2E, and API testing.
  • Writing test cases and scenarios
  • Maintaining a CI/CD pipeline

This project is currently active and assigned to a team of 2 persons from qa-house.com.

#python #manual testing #automation testing

Senior QA Engineer | remote | Private FinTech client


This is a fintech startup that started their work in 2020, and currently operates in two countries.


  • Test stories and features developed.
  • Create and maintain a test framework for UI e2e testing with Python and Selenium.
  • Manual testing, regression testing, API testing(behat with minimal contributions)
  • Maintaining automation through CI/CD pipeline.

This project is currently active and assigned to 1 person and 1 senior engineer from qa-house.com.

#manual testing, #automation testing, #python

Senior QA Engineer | remote | Private FinTech client


This is a project for a big client, where the customer needed testing for multiple platforms.


  • Manual testing.
  • Writing test case scenarios and running regression tests.
  • Managing data through MySQL(creating users, changing passwords etc)
  • working with private VM’s for data security.

This project is currently active and assigned to 2 qa engineers from qa-house.com.

#manual testing,#mysql #documentation

Selenium/Laravel | remote | listOf.ai


This is a project similar to yellow pages, where a company can be listed and can sell services.

It includes a backend service developed in python that is able to parse and process websites, and one UI service for displaying the data. You can look it up here: www.listof.ai


  • Created & designed the project from scratch.
  • mysql database maintenance
  • API, data gathering with python, selenium, and requests.
  • AI - data manipulation and sorting with python
  • worked with external resources for building the UI components and some of the functionality.

This project is currently active and assigned to 2 persons from qa-house.com and 2 external resources.

#python #mysql #selenium

Bots/scrappers | remote | Private projects


Worked on various private projects, involved with 3d rendering, and python.


  • Worked with python for backend automation
  • Worked with python+selenium+mysql for creating various bots/scripts


I reproduced with automation all the issues that were found in order to make sure that if there was a recurring issue at any point, that issue will not be deployed to the customer, ever again. This

Senior QA Automation | remote | Real Time Medical Systems



  • Maintain 2500+ running tests
  • Write Protractor and JavaScript tests
  • API testing (Postman, xmlhttprequest)
  • Agile development environment
  • Manual testing
  • Performance and scalability testing (Jmeter)
  • Manual testing

Startup Founder - eMove.io


This product was built from the scratch by me and a friend for moving companies, to help them have a better user flow, and be able to have a booking engine that is unique and better than what it is on the market.

Right now, the project is closed source based, but it's free to use.

The best I could do, was to get some users to use it.. And about 300k organic hits/months.


  • Find/write requirements and functionalities.
  • Build a customer relationship on the product.
  • Customer support.
  • -Marketing & SEO.
  • HR
  • everything that was required in between.

For this project I was responsible for the entire management, leadership, coordination and development.

This project was founded from outsourcing from other projects, and with the work from the exting founders.


Protractor Automation QA Tester | Cluj Napoca | AROBS Transilvania

09.2015 – 08.2018



  • QA Automation Testing (Protractor + JavaScript)
  • TDD QA Automation (Test Driven Development) -> E2E testing
  • Writing test cases, functional test cases
  • Writing and performing manual test cases, checking results between multiple systems.

What I’ve learned:

  • Creating an architecture for the testing app,
  • Working close with developers and other testers
  • First hand knowledge from senior testers.

I’ve been part of 2 projects:

Project 1: Angular Project, written from scratch (about 90 tests)

Project 2: Ionic project, written from scratch (about 120 tests)

RateWizz Channel Manager Connectivity Lead | AROBS Transilvania


Website: http://www.ratewizz.com/about-us

Attributes, responsibilities:

  • Customer support.
  • Managing over 350 customers.
  • Managing over 30 partners.
  • Setting up Channel Manager connectivity between PMS and OTA’s.
  • Investigating system’s errors in MySql DB.
  • Investigating request/response for various mismatches between OTA and PMS.
  • Supervising new integrations between OTA’s and Chanel Manager.
  • Finding new PMS vendors.
  • In Channel Manager connectivity I’ve worked with setups for: Booking.com, Booking Suite, Expedia, SynXis, Amadeus, CityBreak, Individual booking engines.

I also did Testing and features management for this product:

  • Product Overview: bug reporting, issues reporting, issues assignment and issues investigation.
  • New features proposals and improvements

Full stack Developer | remote | freelance

01.2015 – 01.2016

Attributes, responsibilities:

  • HTML, CSS, MySQL, Bootstrap, jQuery,
  • PHP(a bit),
  • Angular/React(a bit)
  • Laravel,
  • Git,Bitbucket, Jira, Trello.
  • Photoshop, LightRoom, SEO.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Analyst | Cluj Napoca | seonid.srl

04.2015 – 05.2015


  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Management (videos and text)

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Marketing Specialization | freelance | remote

2012 – 2015

www.TheBestMedia.com/, Ontario (Canada)


  • Multiple Projects coordinator
  • Content Creation
  • A\B Testing
  • Working with MS Office and Visio suite
  • Working with Camtasia Video software editing
  • Working with Photoshop
  • Working with Solid Works, CAD software
  • Customer Support
  • Live Customer Support
  • Help Desk Junior
  • Hardware/Software debugging
  • Creative Writing

Short summary:

- 8+ years experience with automated testing using Protractor​, Selenium WebDriver, Appium, node JavaScript, Jmeter, Jira, Git and various JavaScript automation tools for web and mobile apps.

- 2+ years of experience with front-end(html, css, js, vue, angular, react etc.) backend(php, laravel) and python (selenium)

- I​ speak JavaScript, I am more fond of python and I do love testing and passionately believe in maximum automated QA​, Agile development, and delivering features early and as often as possible​.

- Extremely self-driven, hard working with extensive product knowledge, and always looking to challenge and be challenged to do and get better ​at what I do.

- Previous experience with front-end development, some backend development, some PHP and LOTS of JavaScript.

- I have experience in the Medical Industry, Relocation industry, Removals Industry, and Hospitalization industry(I understand perfectly how booking.com and booking engines are working, as I worked with them)

- Really good at understanding features/issues, user perspective, feature billing, team leading, customer support, software development(regardless of the development language) marketing, outreach, branding and so on. I've had so many hats so far.


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