System integration testing

We use system integration testing to connect the dots so that your system behaves correctly.

QA-House guarantees full system integration testing so that your full IT application runs smoothly, allowing you to achieve your business goals.

Have confidence in your system's connections.

With even meticulous testing phases, any incompatible modules existing in the system can jeopardize its capability and usability. QA-House ensures that data flows smoothly among components and identifies reliability issues in the final SDLC phases. Here are three reasons why integration testing is necessary for any software product.

At the end of each program expansion, confirm the integrated software.

To ensure a smooth system migration

To ensure the seamless integration of development components.

Why should you use QA-House for end-to-end software integration testing?

It's a common misunderstanding that after effective unit testing, all individual elements will work flawlessly together. Even so, due to the ambiguity and inherent discrepancy of software modules, it is frequently necessary to ensure that the same logic was implemented all through for the entire system to perform perfectly and that all specifications were properly indicated.

We will help you:

  • Reduce testing period and development costs.
  • Continuous integration with test automation saves time and money by detecting bugs missed all through the unit and component testing.

  • Examine the level of integration.
  • Affirm the interoperability and dependability of connections among various system modules.

  • Smarter testing
  • Allow for the continuous deployment of a fully integrated software product.

Our approaches to integration testing

Before beginning, we will evaluate the complexity of the system, deadlines, and other aspects to determine the best integration testing method.

We assess all software components at the same time, which is appropriate for testing small-scale systems.
We make sure that the top and bottom components inside the software being developed are integrated concurrently.
We begin with high-level elements and use stubs to imitate lower-level components. This frequently used approach is ideal for testing larger systems.
After testing low-level units, we use drivers to imitate high-level ones and proceed to top-level modules until the whole developed system is tested to ensure a proper rollout.

A summary of our integration testing services

Testing for data integration

We ensure that data from various sources is correctly centralized.

Testing for functional integration

We ensure that your software functions properly after modules have been incorporated.

Regression testing

We ensure that software extensions, optimization, or the addition of new features do not result in the failure of a previously stable system.

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Integration testing that is automated

Improve your speed and efficiency.

Our automated tests can run in the background indefinitely, leading to faster feedback and much more time for your employees to concentrate on test cases and other difficult tasks that affect end-user happiness.

Reduce the possibility of error

Using reusable scripts, test automation improves the accuracy and reliability of integration testing.

Reduce the price of new releases.

Automated integration testing shortens the time required to release bug-free software while consuming fewer resources on fully functioning tracking of IT systems.

All of the technology is covered.

We are using the best tools and methods for integration testing for desktop, mobile, web, and API interfaces, satisfying your business needs.




We test applications created in different tech stacks and platforms on a regular basis:




Why QA-House for system integration testing?

We are a dependable tech partner because we are a dedicated team with 10+ years of testing experience.

Extensive experience

Over 10 years of hands-on experience with testing apps and websites.

Teamwork efficiency

We use an Agile method with adaptive deliverables and rapid team working.

An approach that is adaptable

To create appropriate stacks for particular needs, we use a range of tools and methodologies.

Better product

We guarantee that with QA-House covering the Quality, your product will get better.


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