Test automation

To create your automated QA workflows, we combine best practices and emerging technology.

For what can you use test automation:

Increase the wide range of testing capabilities without hiring additional personnel.

Remove human error from high-risk QA procedures.

End up saving effort and time on elevated testing activities.

Identify and report errors and errors in released software as early as possible.

What benefits does test automation bring to your SDLC?

  • Optimization of the testing cycle
  • Automation enables the use of Agile practices like task-based and behavior patterns development.

  • Acceleration
  • Automation enables shifting quality assurance to the left and detecting bugs and issues early in the SDLC.

  • Evaluation of granular quality
  • Automation enables the incorporation of quality gates into the testing lifecycle, thereby boosting quality control.

  • Transformation of DevOps
  • Automation allows the establishment of a constant testing environment, and that's an essential component of DevOps.

  • Competitive advantage
  • Automation is fast replacing manual and model-based quality assurance, and it is quickly being a necessity in just about any competitive software development project.

Types of testing automation

QA-House provides quality assurance automation in the following categories of web, desktop, and mobile software:




Multi-platform operations



We create an effective solution to automate time-consuming smoke testing and assess software in progress against predefined functional requirements.

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The lifecycle of test automation has been simplified.

When you entrust your software to the QA-House team, we pursue a tried-and-true strategy.

  1. Define the scope of automation
  2. Choosing a Tool
  3. Implementation of the Framework
  4. Setup of the environment
  5. Prepping the test data
  6. Creation of test scripts
  7. Analysis of test results
  8. Test automation and monitoring

Consultation on test automation

QA-House can help you turn your vision into a workable strategy.


Our team conducts interviews with your key stakeholders to define the automation context and requested transformation results. We also assess your current testing workflow to identify areas for automation.

What you will receive:

We devise a set of techniques and systems that are best suited for testing automation in your specific situation and produce a roadmap of your QA automation route.

What we do next:

  • We monitor the performance of your automated testing workflow and resolve any issues that arise after you have set it up.
  • Our testing engineers work alongside, sharing the automation integration workload as you see suitable.

Make strides in automated testing

We incorporate codeless testing into automated QA workflows, creating test scenarios with little to no coding. We document short test cases, make them reproducible, and allocate each one a keyword, making it easy to create a viable testing case using only a sequence of relevant keywords.

The results of test automation

Our expert-level test automation services not only assist enterprises in achieving their immediate objectives but also in achieving such broad operations and business goals.

Reduced time to market

Improved user experience

TCO of the software is lowered.

Increased test coverage

Improved QA efficiency

Enhanced testing workloads


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