Usability testing and audit

Every digital experience has the potential for improvement using usability testing and audit

Find out what is the scope of our usability testing

The QA-House performs a full 360-degree assessment of an application's user interface design and logic during usability testing to identify all weak points and slowdowns.

Graphical user interface

We look for interface flaws that could prevent users from achieving their goals efficiently.

  • Elements of navigation
  • Progress bars
  • Menu bars
  • Input fields
  • Buttons
  • Notifications

The user journey

Our testing team properly assesses the outcomes of test groups' interactions with target applications to detect:

  • Excessiveness and inadequacy in utilize
  • Incorrect workflow logic
  • Unexpected, perplexing aspects, and more

Information architecture

We concentrate on the important attributes to determine how evident and intuitive the solution's information architecture is:

  • Visual organization
  • Labels and category headings
  • Structure of navigation
  • Search

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Usability testing and audit to eliminate flaws that degrade UX

When you notice a decrease in modifications or user activity in your launched product or website, it's good to transfer it to QA. -House

We will perform:

Identify the audit goals.

Examine current metrics

Establish user personas

Create a user journey.

Examine the interface design

Perform heuristic analysis

Generate the audit report

UI/UX testing to ensure that your target audience's expectations are met

Incorporate the QA-House testing team all through the SDLC, and we will assist you in creating software that is flawlessly intuitive and user-friendly.

To get such extensive testing coverage, we adhere to the tried-and-true strategy of:

  • Set the testing objectives.
  • Generate test tasks
  • Control and facilitate usability testing
  • Examine the behavior and feedback of test groups.
  • Determine issues and difficult areas
  • Layout suggestions for improvement.

Usability testing based on your software

We customize our testing practices to each solution, ensuring that we confront every difficult aspect of the interface and user experience.

Websites and web apps

We provide end-to-end website and web app usability testing services, focusing on key components such as user onboarding flows, menu and catalog structure, search convenience, buttons, and more.

Applications for the desktop

QA-House evaluates your software's client side for usability and efficiency. We concentrate on identifying errors in menu and control panel organization, unnecessary or misplaced GUI elements, unnecessarily complex user flows, and other critical aspects.

Applications for mobile devices

The QA-House team examines your mobile app for usability on the most popular models, looking for useless navigation, non-responsive gestures, cumbersome notifications, and more.

The worth of a better user experience

We assist you in achieving user experience excellence by providing valuable intelligence into subpar UX/UI design features.

Meet usability standards

Reduce the risk of user adoption.

Increase the rate of user conversion

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase product capacity

Reduce your maintenance costs.

Improve the time and effort spent on the new design

Enhanced search visibility

Why QA-House for usability testing?

We are a dependable tech partner because we are a dedicated team with 10+ years of testing experience.

Extensive experience

Over 10 years of hands-on experience with testing apps and websites.

An approach that is adaptable

To create appropriate stacks for particular needs, we use a range of tools and methodologies.

Teamwork efficiency

We use an Agile method with adaptive deliverables and rapid team working.

Better product

We guarantee that with QA-House covering the Quality, your product will get better.


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