Web application testing

We provide web application testing to assist you in achieving overall quality for your web solution.

QA-House web application testing solutions

QA-House offers end-to-end testing of your web application as part of an overall services package.

The performance testing

Our team evaluates how steady, resilient, and able to respond your web platform remains under regular and excessive loads while identifying critical bottlenecks and restrictions by exposing it to a variety of performance different tests.

The functional testing

Each feature in your web application is evaluated by us in the setting of the pre-documented requirement specification. The goal here is to identify system components that fail to reach operational metrics or deliver desired results.

The compatibility testing

To make sure that your web solution remains fully functional despite the platform on which it is utilized, we evaluate its compatibility with a variety of devices, operating systems, browsers, and networks and report any issues that are discovered.

The usability testing

We look for flaws and discrepancies in your web app's data architecture, user flows, and software interface using our UX/UI testing expert knowledge and capacity to interact with independent user groups.

The cybersecurity testing

Our team checks your web application for security flaws, reviews its source code for security flaws, and validates its security mechanism with a set designed to simulate cyberattacks as part of a complete security testing.

The compliance testing

We determine whether your website or web app complies with local and industry-specific legislation. We also assess the capacity of your solution in relation to the design guidelines and recognize any non-compliant zones.

The test automation

We automate workflows for various test types, by using a mixture of well-established procedures and cutting-edge technologies, to provide ongoing quality assurance of your web portal under development or upkeep and to speed up release cycles.

The localization testing

We ensure that your web app adheres to the linguistic and cultural norms of the target audience. We investigate the portal's functionality, graphic interface, and user experience, and discover localization flaws that might interrupt the end-user encounter.

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Due to the type of web application, we place out a good package of QA procedures to solve various slowdowns and ensure that the application runs smoothly.

Web portal testing

Our team investigates mission-critical zones such as search and navigation, data security, content management, and collaboration abilities during our web portal investigative process.

We are skilled at ensuring the quality of:

  • Ecommerce portals
  • Patient portals
  • Marketplaces for business-to-business transactions
  • Industries portals

Website testing

When we test your website, we pay special attention to its logical design and navigation, shapes and input fields, mobile friendliness, and secure transactions.

We are skilled at ensuring the quality of:

  • Websites for business
  • Websites for education
  • Websites for eCommerce
  • Websites for media

SaaS application testing

We concentrate our SaaS app testing plan on identifying compatibility flaws, latency, flaws that interrupt the continuity of service, and other critical aspects of your cloud-based system.

QA-House are skilled at ensuring the quality of:

  • Gateways for payments
  • CMSs
  • CRMs
  • Project management solutions, among other things

Web service testing

We evaluate your web service, concentrating on cross-device connectivity, load perseverance, speed of response, and user satisfaction.

We are skilled at ensuring the quality of:

  • Applications for social networking
  • Services for streaming data
  • App marketplaces

Web app testing yields measurable results.

The instinctive user experience has resulted in a user-friendly, accessible interface.

The perfectly functioning feature set that meets the pre-development specifications

Secure data storage and robust system protection

Performance stability and resistance to high strain and load

Conformance with international norms and domain-specific legislation

Continuously stable operation in a variety of environments

Why QA-House for web application testing?

We are a dependable tech partner because we are a dedicated team with 10+ years of testing experience.

Extensive experience

Over 10 years of hands-on experience with testing apps and websites.

Teamwork efficiency

We use an Agile method with adaptive deliverables and rapid team working.

An approach that is adaptable

To create appropriate stacks for particular needs, we use a range of tools and methodologies.

Better product

We guarantee that with QA-House covering the Quality, your product will get better.


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