Working with QA-House

Working with a QA team means a customer-first mindset and mature QA procedures. At QA House we establish a method for efficient customer involvement.

Advantages of working with QA House

QA-House has established a method for efficient customer involvement.

Complete dedication to your requirements and expectations

Our QA team investigate each business objective and chose the right QA solution with the least amount of effort and resources expended.

A full range of software testing services

QA-House offers full-cycle QA and quality engineering ensuring good software quality.

Operations that are highly adaptable, clear, and transparent

Our QA team can easily adjust and incorporate at any phase of the SDLC, delivering quality QA support as well as smart team scalability.

Satisfied customers

The best reason to have a QA engineer who knows what he's doing is to ensure that you're delivering to your customers and that they're satisfied with what they're paying for. Working with someone who has the experience and knowledge adds value by getting things done correctly.

Select your engagement model

Time and Resources

Timely and appropriate for projects with ambiguous necessities where risks cannot be anticipated in advance.

  • The requirements have not yet been defined.
  • The cost is based on current person-hours and is flexible.
  • Each and every change to the project are acceptable.

Devoted Team

Appropriate for long-term projects with unknown demands or multiple overlapping projects that may necessitate resource relocation.

  • Only the most fundamental project requirements are described.
  • It is possible to make frequent changes to the project.
  • Team knowledge retention and complete control over team operations are guaranteed.

Fixed Payment

Ideal for small and medium-sized projects with well-established methods and consistent specific tasks.

  • Pre-defined project requirements
  • The costs and duration of the project are defined.
  • If changes are required, cost and time estimates can be revised.

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Is simple working with QA-House

We sign nondisclosure agreements.

Our testing team promises to keep all data exchanged confidentially and not to disclose it to any external parties.

First, we analyze

Our QA team defines the functionality to be tested and outlines the QA activities that must be completed.

We provide software testing.

While performing QA services, our QA team provides elaborate daily status reports to maintain the client informed.

The results are reported

We show complete test results, including a detailed description of bugs and their intensity, full reproduction routes, and software quality progression recommendations.

Proficiency in Agile methodologies

We work in sprints with the newest methodologies.


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