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I'm Fabian and I am a Senior QA engineer and founder at HouseNia Studio. I've worked as a software engineer for the past 10 years. During this time I've worked on quite a few projects, learned alot, a nd for me personally automation and QA always has been fun also the focus of my work & expertise.

During the 10 years, I've worked with Angular, React, PHP, Laravel, Selenium with Python, protractor, appium, browserstack, Jenkins and other CI/CD systems, AWS, digitalOcean, mySql, mongoDb, and muuuuch more. My area of focus was mostly on Automation and QA side of things.

Sometimes in 2021, I was left without a job(project) to work on, and for a couple of months, I didn't have a job. During that time I applied to pretty much everything I could find on LinkedIn and two months later I landed two projects(pretty much, same day). I've worked myself on both projects for another couple of months, and after a while, I felt like I will be burning out soon if I keep up.

I was fronted with a decision: either I was giving up on a project, or I brought someone to help out. Because I really liked both projects, and I didn’t want to just quit, I got someone to help me. I hired the first two persons, Flavia and Călin(ex-employee). With their help, we managed to provide better results so the customers were really happy with the work delivered on both projects.

This was the very first beginning of qa-house’s team. We started learning from eachother while growing a small QA team into something bigger.

Călin had really good algorithmic experience and is a really good learner, while Flavia was very hardworking and was very careful about details.

Later on, we kept the “for hire” ad, and interviewed every single person that applied. If there was someone that seemed really bright and hardworking and that would fit to our team, was hired for learning and later on, for working on a different project.

This way, we got Mada and Marius. They both have great programming skills, and they are working with us for about ± 6 months now.

Later on, we started getting our team bigger, getting great people to learn and get their right skills up and matching the customers requirements with our expertise, as a team. We also have trainees, learning strong and steady.

Right now, we are at the point where we have a really good team, and we’re ready to tackle more challenges through QA!

If you're not yet convinced please check our previous work! Previous work

Otherwise, we're thrilled to tell you a bit more about our team! Keep reading!

PS. QA-House is a product created by HouseNia Studio!

Our amazing team

(QA nerds)

The QA Nerds! We are a bunch of people with unique and different personalities working toward a common goal. And that is to provide you with the highest quality services that you deserve!

Fabian Clain

Senior QA Engineer & Founder

Here he is! Our QA Engineer, a workaholic, Louie's dad, and a Metallica fan, Fabian, our dear boss, who is bringing the team together. He is the one who assists and guides us in the company. Even though he is extremely busy, he always finds the time to help us. He's been in this industry for 17-18 years (that's a long time) and has worked in QA and Automation since he was through college. BookAMoover is one of his biggest projects, which he began from scratch and has been working on it for slightly more than five years. BAM is a software designed to assist moving companies.

As for his hobbies: In his spare time, he enjoys going for a walk and dog training. Fun fact: At fifteen years old, he run from home to attend a Metallica concert (like I said, Metallica fan)

Marius P

QA Engineer

Marius is our amusing, chatty (and sometimes annoying, but we still like him) friend. The person in charge of making our websites look great (like him). He has been with our team for 8 months and has done an outstanding job for our company. He is in charge of the front end, manual testing, automatic testing and, most importantly, bringing positive energy to the room.

Cars, F1, dogs, and football are among his interests (you know, guys' stuff). And he is a GYM enthusiast, so yeah, in conclusion, he is a funny, smart, and healthy guy.

Flavia F

Programmer Consultant

Flavia, our dear and oldest co-worker, helps us with all aspects of the business. A pleasant companion during our work breaks. She is not only an excellent Consultant Programmer, but she also helps us with all aspects of paperwork. (And we all know how inconvenient this job is.) She also handles HR matters on occasion. So, we are all fortunate and proud to have her on our team.

She adores cats and would save and adopt all of them if she could. She also enjoys good wine and spending time at the beach.

Madalina R

QA Engineer

Mădă is our adorable coffee addict. She recently graduated from the University of Economic Informatics and has been with us for nine months. She excels at manual and automated testing, ensuring that our company's projects run as smoothly as possible. She is not only a QA Tester, but she also worked as a bartender and as a chief aid before. She also has a Travel Guide and a Java Development class.

Her interests include cartoons, nature, all animals, the sea, and the mountains. We can say that she is our talented girl.

Bogdan B

QA Engineer

Bogdan, our cute and a bit shy engineer. Despite his shy personality, he always knows when and how to tell a good joke. The one who is always the first to arrive at work, the early bird. He has been with us for 6 months and is doing an excellent job with the back-end, manual testing, automatic testing, and data scraping.

He also assists with technical interviews (with a little help from Marius) and selects the people who are the best fit for our team. His interests include automobiles and football.

Bianca S

Specialist Marketing

Bianca is our newest team member. She has only recently begun working with us. She is new to this field, but she is always striving to do her best. The person in charge of promoting, creating content for our blogs, and developing complete marketing strategies. . (Also the one who wrote about her colleagues)

Her favorite hobbies are tattoos (she has a few), music festivals, camping, and a little bartending (she was a bartender before joining us)

Ivan P

Backend engineer

He is the one who can accomplish anything! (If he has adequate documentation) Ivan is our devoted Backend developer. He began programming as a hobby in 2014. His interest in the Web in light of new world trends led him to the genius that he is today. He created and maintains custom CMS solutions that include all Front-end and Back-end functionalities. In addition, he works with e-commerce systems, platforms, online shops, and other small projects. He configures Windows and Linux environments, which he frequently uses, based on the needs of the project and the job itself.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, listening to music, and playing the guitar.



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The dog

Louie is our office doggo who is adorable, cute, hyperactive, and a little clumsy. Louie has been with Housenia Studio since the beginning, but she only comes in about twice a week. She does an excellent job of keeping us safe. She starts barking like crazy whenever there are people or other dogs near our office. (Good job there, Louie!) You could also describe her as a travel enthusiast. Until now, Louie has been in three countries and has traveled 50,000 km in the car(sleeping like a potato in the backseat). Oh, and she's an influencer too! Her Instagram is brimming with overjoyed cuteness.

Her favorite hobbies: Barking a lot (to protect us, of course), STICKS (she is super obsessed with them), tennis balls, treats, and any food that she's not allowed to eat.


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